Florida Cuts Food Safety Inspections for Kids, Grandparents

hospital foodFlorida lawmakers must have an awful lot of trust in our food system. They've just cut state food safety inspections in daycares, nursing homes, and hospitals

According to a report by Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, "These new requirements will reduce the frequency of inspections for facilities that do not serve highly susceptible populations."

Um ... what? So "highly susceptible population" doesn't mean children, the elderly, and sick and injured people? Meanwhile, state food safety inspections at restaurants and prisons will continue.


Okay Florida. I get it. You have to trim your budget, and even though re-inspection fees raked in a $1.3 million surplus somehow the math is still not working out. But claiming that you're cutting inspections at facilities that don't serve vulnerable populations? Please.

Meanwhile, if you live in Palm Beach County or Pinellas County you can relax a little. The counties conduct their own food service inspections at daycare centers -- but they're the only two counties with stricter food safety inspections than the state's.


Image via Flickr/Wyscan.



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