The Milk Man Is Back!

milk man is backYou can start making the "that baby looks like the milk man" jokes again. More and more Southern California residents are relying on Jim Pastor and other milk men in his brigade for their dairy products, but with a modern twist. This milk man has options: whole, 1 percent, organic, Lactaid, and soy.

As eating local and organic gains in popularity, the milk man industry is booming and Pastor's particular farm isn't relying on grocery store distribution, but rather a fleet of trucks that makes early morning deliveries directly to people's homes.


For people who go through a lot of milk or simply want fresh milk straight from the source, it's worth paying a premium for the dairy their family ingests. Also worth it: waking up and walking outside and finding a basket of fresh goodies on your doorstep.

The new milk man has to diversify, according to Pastor. If a customer is looking for scones along with a cool glass of milk, they've got a bakery for that. Remaining open to suggestions is crucial to the success of Pastor's delivery business, and what separates him from the milk man of yore.

That, and sadly, the uniform. Pastor can usually be found in shorts, a tee shirt, and a baseball cap.

Would you pay extra for farm fresh milk from the milk man?


Image via Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Texas A&M/Flickr

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