Viva the Lasagna Sandwich ... Not!

Lasagna SandwichJust when the world was facing a shortage of gross, fattening sandwiches ... along comes a lasagna sandwich.

Actually, it's spelled "lasagne" with an "e" because it comes courtesy of our friends across the pond, the Brits.

Perhaps jealous of all the American specialty sandwiches like the Candwich, Friendly's Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt, KFC's Double Down, and a host of other shocking sandwiches, they had to come up with their own, which is being sold at Tesco supermarkets there.  

You won't believe what's in it ...


The sandwich consists of "two thick slices of bread and a filling of diced beef in a tomato and herb sauce layered with cooked pasta sheets and a creamy cheddar, ricotta, and mayonnaise dressing."

Alert carb lovers everywhere: pasta inside bread!

Not to mention all the fat with not just several cheeses and beef, but mayonnaise for a kicker!

According to the Daily Mail, the "Italian Limited Edition" sandwich has 565 calories and almost 27 grams of fat, which is equal to about two cheeseburgers at McDonald's.

Even worse is the fact that it's a pre-packaged sandwich. If it was something that was freshly made and served, that would be one (still significantly unappetizing) thing. But to think of all that sitting in a plastic container, growing mushy, well that just makes it even more vomit-worthy.

So, to take a page from my 6-year-old son, I want to know if you HAD to eat one, which one would you choose: the Candwich, Friendly's Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt, or KFC's Double Down?

Image via Daily Mail  

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