Gelato University? Sign Me Up!

gelatoSometimes I daydream about going back to school and being a professional pastry chef. But after reading about Carpigiani Gelato University, I'm definitely amending my fantasy.

An institute in Italy offers more than 300 courses all about gelato (which is Italian-style ice cream). Can you imagine sitting in class day after day learning about, making, and, of course, tasting the most heavenliest of frozen treats? I think I would gain 80 pounds.


It may surprise you that there is an audience for these sorts of classes; but, in fact, the school has nearly 3,000 students. Why is there so much interest in gelato these days?

For one thing, gelato is pretty much the most perfect dessert, especially if you're one who constantly watches the scale. It has 30 percent less butterfat than ice cream, but you'd never know from the taste: The custard-like substance contains less air than ice cream, so the texture is more rich, the flavor is much more intense.

Also, the recession played a hand in gelato's recent rise to popularity. Folks who don't have a lot of money to spend can still treat themselves without feeling guilty. Plus, many students come to the school because they've been hard-hit by the recession and are looking for a backup career. (Seems like I'm not the only one dreaming of a second job churning out sweets.)

Then there are those students who simply like good food and want to know more about it. And frankly standing all day at a gelato-making station tasting flavor after flavor doesn't sound like such a bad way to spend a day, now does it?

Do you eat gelato? Which flavor is your favorite?


Image via Krissyho/Flickr

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