5 Reasons Boxed Wine Doesn't Mean You're a Cheap Drunk

This isn't your mom's Franzia.

Boxed wine totally gets a bad rap, but surprisingly it's not all bad.

A company called Octavin is putting a mod spin on this old classic. First off, the box has a cool design: It's shaped as a ... wait for it ... octagon. Second, the taste is more high-end than other wines in a box. Their latest variety is Silver Birch's Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. It's a yummy medium-bodied wine with intense gooseberry flavors that goes great with spicy foods and Asian cuisines.

Check out the top five reasons why I still feel classy even though I'm drinking vino out of a box ...


1. The wine is good for up to six weeks after opening it because the special patent-pending bag on the inside prevents oxidation. You know what that means? No need to down the whole bottle in one sitting.

2. It's wine super-sized: three liters of goodness (which equal four bottles of wine). Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That's the perfect size for parties!

3. It's eco! Choosing one box instead of four bottles reduces packaging waste by 92 percent and cuts carbon emissions by 55 percent. Never has being tipsy been so good for the planet.

4. I keep it upright in the fridge for a fresh glass of wine anytime ... I can be my own personal bartender (without the tips, of course).

5. Box packing -- instead of glass -- makes this an easy drink to transport to the beach, park, or your favorite picnic spot.

Do you drink boxed wine?


Image via Octavin.com

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