Five Spiffy Ways to Personalize Your Next Party

fufu berry jones sodaYou've probably already heard that you can custom print your own M&M'S. But if you're one of those regular moms who sigh longingly at all those fancy party blogs (quit bragging, graphic designer parents!), you've probably given up on the idea of customizing a party beyond getting the cake store to spell your kid's name correctly in frosting.

Well put your design envy away -- we have five great ways to personalize your next party.


Serve soda plastered with your kid's mug -- all you need is a photo and Jones Soda will create your own custom soda labels.

ABIC can custom print balloons in just about any shape, size, or color.

Always wanted a white chocolate bar with pretzels and glitter sprinkles? You're in luck. German candy company Chocri lets you design your own chocolate bar -- beforehand as a party favor or as a party activity for older kids. 

Personalize a gift with custom gift wrap or ribbons by Namemaker.

Set the table with these sweet custom placemats by Whitney English.

Of course, if you want to get really classy, you could go with the party favors my sister gave out at her wedding: custom flashing light-up tumblers. Oh yeah, now it's a party.


Image via Jones Soda

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