British Kids Eat an Obscene Amount of Junk Food

junk foodMichelle Obama has launched a war against childhood obesity here in America. And it looks like our friends across the pond have to fight one as well.

The Daily Mail has published a photo that will truly make your stomach turn. It shows a child surrounded by a mountain of junk food -- chips, ice cream, hamburgers -- representing how much the typical British child consumes in just one year.


It's difficult to determine just where lawmakers in the United Kingdom stand on the issue of childhood obesity: This weekend doctors called on the government to impose "fat taxes" on unhealthy food and provide public service announcements to warn against childhood obesity. Yet instead, the government eliminated The Food Standard Agency -- a watchdog group that regulated junk-food companies -- thereby sending the message that it is more interested in cutting down costs than regulating processed and unhealthy food.

The Daily Mail ran the shocking junk food photo to protest this decision. Here's what's included in a British child's annual diet:

47 packages of cookies

54 packs of Cadbury Mini Rolls

256 cream cheese triangles

6 tubs of ice cream

3 blocks of butter

14 packs of bacon

13 bags of chicken nuggets

17 hamburgers

68,225g of milk (mostly whole)

600 cocktail sausages

14 meat pies

130 fish fingers

8 bags of oven-baked french fries

3.5 bags of sugar in candy and jams

52 chocolate bars

32 liters of juice

20 boxes of cereal


My first thought: Oh my god, British kids eat a disgusting amount of junk food! My second: I bet this unhealthy diet isn't far off from that of American kids.

Are you surprised by how much food British kids eat every year? How do you think this compares to the diet of American children?


Image via _pdra's_portfolio/Flickr

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