Michelle Obama: What Would You Ask Her About Childhood Obesity?

michelle obamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama will be answering questions from real moms in a live chat with AOL Health Tuesday morning. It's all part of the relaunch of her Let's Move campaign -- an ambitious plan intended to end childhood obesity within a generation.

Many have embraced her initiative, but some critics have called it unrealistic and too costly. Tomorrow moms will have a chance to weigh in for the first time.


The First Lady's Let's Move action plan asks a lot of communities, schools, and parents in the fight against obesity. In particular, it asks parents to help create a healthy environment at home by making fresh fruits and vegetables a part of every meal, involving children in grocery shopping and cooking, making weekly meal plans, and exercising together.

Obviously, a focus on healthy eating and exercise is key in getting America's children to adopt a healthier lifestyle. But is this plan assuming that all families have access to fresh, healthy food and have time to exercise daily together? In other words, how realistic are these steps for the average family? Now's your chance to find out!

Be sure to tune in Tuesday, July 13, at 10 a.m. ET for the AOL Health Live Chat With Michelle Obama, which will air on AOL Heath and Let's Move.

What would you ask Michelle Obama about her plan?

Image via Let's Move

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