First Birthday Party Theme: Dr. Seuss Was the Muse

Dr. Seuss party

Come one, come all, it's time for fun, for a special someone has just turned one! Get ready for birthday cake and games, we promise this party will not be lame!

Okay, so I'm definitely no Dr. Seuss, but Courtney, who blogs over at Nesting Instincts, put together quite the Dr. Seuss-themed first birthday party for her son Caleb.


Dr. Seuss party

Her inspiration was Dr. Seuss's ABC book, so along with the books, she decorated with wooden letter blocks and created 18-inch ABCs out of foamboard, displaying them on the mantel where she also hung flags made simply from scrapbook paper, creating a whimsical look.

Dr. Seuss partyThe cupcake toppers are made from mini flags and foam letters, each one saying either "A is for Angel," "B is for Boy," or "C is for Caleb" (her son's nickname is Angel Boy). But the birthday boy had his own special cupcake.

cupcakeShe bought the brightly colored trays and napkins from Target's dollar section, as well as little buckets that she filled with candy, flowers, and utensils. Gotta love a good deal!

place setting

Dr. Seuss party

I love the idea of using Dr. Seuss books as inspiration -- I think a Green Eggs and Ham party is in my near future.

Which Dr. Seuss book would you like to re-create as a party?


Image via Nesting Instincts

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