Free Popcorn at AMC ... But on One Condition

popcornAttention AMC moviegoers: You'd better be prepared for the up-sell at the concession stand.

Company policy is: Customers who aren't offered an additional item or larger food or beverage size will receive a free small popcorn.

The gimmick makes perfect sense if you think about it ...


Movie theaters make most of their money from concession stand sales -- which is why you have to take out a small loan these days to afford popcorn, beverages, candy, nachos, etc.

Therefore, it's in management's best interest to make its employees try to get as much money as they can out of customers -- say, by offering a medium Coke instead of a small or M&M'S to go along with that popcorn. How can they keep track of whether their employees are being optimal salespeople? Offer customers an incentive to rat on them if they don't.

Really, it's kind of brilliant ...

Except, wait. I'm supposed to be pissed that the movie theaters are trying to scam us into spending more money!

Do you buy concessions when you go to the movies?


Image via ScypaxPictures/Flickr

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