Starbucks Frappuccino Deals -- Two Ways to Save!

starbucks frappuccino dealsDoesn't an icy frappuccino sound amazing right about now? Of course, those creamy coffee goodies can add up and kill your budget (let's not talk about your waist line).

Luckily right now there are two great ways to save money when getting your cold caffeine fix.


The treat receipt is back! If you make a morning Starbucks run, keep your receipt and bring it back after 2 p.m. to get any cold drink for only $2. Even better, buy a regular cup of joe in the morning and save your fancy fix for the afternoon so you can get a day's worth of caffeine for under $5.

Create your own frappuccino design online, name it, post it, and you'll get a coupon for $1 off the bottled version of the addictive drink. You can choose from a plethora of photos or drawings, so no two frap designs are the same. A perfect way to doodle away a lazy summer afternoon. And then you can celebrate your artistic talent with an icy beverage.

Mmm, savings are delicious.


Image via Starbucks

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