The Candwich: Can You Do It?

The CandwichIntroducing the Candwich! Just like it sounds: Part sandwich, part can. It's a sandwich in a can!

Already being sold in Utah vending machines, they come in three varieties: Peanut butter and grape jelly, peanut butter and strawberry jelly, and barbecue chicken. And they come with a candy surprise inside!

No can opener needed, just pop a top, pull back the metal lid, and ... enjoy?


Honestly, I don't think the peanut butter varieties sound that bad, plus I like the idea of eliminating plastic whenever possible. I could probably do one of them on a dare. But the barbecue chicken variety makes me ill just thinking of it and its soggy contents.

There are plans for even more flavors like pepperoni pizza and French toast, which sound equally unappetizing.

The Candwich is being marketed to soccer moms, hikers, and other on the go people like preschool children. Want to freak out a preschool teacher? Just pack one of these in your daughter's lunch. I'm pretty sure you'd at least get a call.

Oh, and they have a "long" shelf life, so just put them next to your Twinkies and you'll be set when disaster strikes ... if heartburn or worse doesn't strike first.

Could you do a Candwich?

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