Emmy Nominations List Includes 'Top Chef,' 'Food Revolution,' and More

emmy nominationsYou've probably heard by now that the 2010 Emmy Award nominations were announced today. But maybe what you didn't hear -- in the midst of all the hype about Glee, The Pacific, and Mad Men -- is that a few of our favorite food shows made the list ...


Bravo's Top Chef series got five nominations, including one for "Outstanding Reality Show Competition." The only problem? One of the other contenders, The Amazing Race, has won that category every year since it began in 2003. No wonder Padma Lakshmi recently told George Lopez that she wishes death upon The Amazing Race cast. (Yikes!)

One of my favorite food shows of the year, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, got a nod in the "Outstanding Reality Program" category. It's up against some serious contenders, too, including Dirty Jobs, Undercover Boss, Antiques Roadshow, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, and MythBusters.

Finally, Anthony Bourdain was nominated in the category of "Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming" for the Prague episode of No Reservations. If you don't yet watch this show on the Travel Channel, I highly recommend it; seriously, it's one of the best shows on television. (Technically it's more of a travel show than a food show, but Bourdain spends the whole time eating, so can you blame us for including it?)

I'm glad to see so many food-related shows represented on the list, and I'll definitely be pulling for Top Chef, Bourdain, and Oliver come awards time.

Which food shows do you think were ignored by the Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences?

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