Yum! Edible Greeting Cards and 5 Other Things I Wish We Could Eat


Edible Greeting CardsChocolate, cupcake, or margarita, select your flavor and eat your greeting card.

OK, so you can't eat the entire card, it's just a little strip inside the card that you can consume. But still, a really cool idea launched by American Greetings with their line of cards called Tasties.

"Just think, haven't you ever secretly wished you could actually taste that delicious looking piece of cake on the front of your birthday card? Well, now you can literally have your cake and eat it, too," touts a spokesperson from the company.

It's one of those ideas that makes you wonder why no one thought of it before, which got me thinking about all the other things I wish we could eat ...

1. Parking Tickets Sure, you'd still have to fork over the cash, but at least the financial bite would be a bit sweeter if you could eat it.

2. Bills I'm thinking something salty that would counter the bitter taste that forking over you hard-earned money leaves in your mouth.

3. Grocery Store Receipts For whatever reason, I'm always famished when I leave the grocery store. How nice if they'd send you off with a little snack for the car ride home.

4. Toilet Paper OK, gross I know, but sometimes the bathroom is the only place I get to sit down all day, so if those little squares somehow were made edible ... just a thought (that should probably never be taken any further).

5. Junk Mail Surely if the billions of tons of junk mail were made edible, we could solve world hunger.

What do you wish we could eat?

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coffe... coffeeplease316

this just makes me hungry, dreaming of an edible world ...

Hurle... HurleyMom25

Wow! This sounds too good!! After you've read the card, you can have yourself a little treat!

katie... katiedidit02

the though about eating toilet paper grosses me out.

AznHi... AznHisoka

Sounds appetizing, eating paper. There's a product concept being thrown around, it's just a bag of paper chips that are flavored and edible. Perhaps if you just infused vitamins and important stuff in it, we could all live off of paper.

tazdvl tazdvl

no paper for me

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