Could You Eat a 10-Pound Pizza?

Hungry? How about a 10-pound pizza?

Randy's Wooster St. Pizza Shop in New Haven, Connecticut, whips up a stuffed pizza that's 22 inches in diameter, weighs 10 pounds, and is loaded with sausage, ricotta, pecorino, mozzarella, onions, green peppers, and more. It's covered like a traditional fruit pie so there's twice the crust and twice the filling.

Called "The Challenger," this pie has a 442 to 3 victory record ... talk about a heavyweight contender.

Find out the rules and the reward.

Can you handle it?


The Challenge: Have two people down this hefty pizza in one hour, in one sitting.

The Reward: Other than a very full tummy ... you'll get the pizza for free (a $35.25 value), a $50 gift certificate, a Challenger hat, and your photo on the Challenger Wall of Fame.

Watch as local Greg Maloomian (aka "The Great Moomsie") and his teammate Sean take the challenge. Did they beat it? Find out ...

After they tackled the pie, Adam Richman from Man v. Food (love this show) on the Travel Channel teamed up with Greg to battle the pie.

Adam started with the filling while Greg chomped down whole slices. After Greg was finished, he helped Adam with his remaining crust to finish with one second left -- talk about suspense. It was the second victory for Greg and the first for Adam.

Would you attempt to eat "The Challenger"?

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