There's No Escaping FarmVille, Even on Groceries

FarmVille at 7-11I've never played FarmVille, and likely never will because it annoys me to no end -- first filling up my Facebook page, and now garnishing the groceries at my local convenience store.

Yes, the addictive game has taken a step off the screen into your nearest 7-Eleven.

From Slurpees to sandwiches, you can now be lured by the appeal of the FarmVille crew. And not only will you be getting some pretty packaging marketing the game, you'll also get codes for items you need/want to play the game.


For example, if you buy a cold sandwich, you will get a FarmVille Sandwich Cart. If you buy a fresh cup of fruit (at least it's not all junk food!), a FarmVille Chocolate Persimmon Tree can be yours; and if it's a FarmVille Neapolitan Cow you seek, then what a great excuse to pick up some ice cream.

For those of us who have been too lazy to block the FarmVille updates and just seethe in annoyance when we see them ALL THE TIME, this is just adding insult to injury that previously ended when we switched off of our computer.

Because now, no freezer is safe, no picnic lunch immune; you just may find those little animals staring at you when you least suspect it.

Beyond a bottle of water now and then, I'm not much for buying food at 7-Eleven, but if I did, I would do everything in my power to make sure it was NOT branded with FarmVille. Now, if we were talking Bejeweled codes, well, that may be another story ...

For those of you who are fans and want to grab some of the FarmVille grub (if you haven't already), hurry, because most reports say the promotion will end July 15 ... though it's subject to change.

Have you purchased any of the FarmVille groceries? Will you?

Image via gizmodo

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