Mom Sues Starbucks Over Hot Tea That Burned Her Baby

starbucks cupA Brooklyn mom is suing Starbucks for "improperly" serving her a cup of scalding tea, which she then dropped on her 5-month-old son. A horrible story, yes, but after reading the details of the case, I'm not so sure who's exactly at fault ...


Here's what happened:

Last October, Villona Maryash visited Starbucks with her infant son, Arnold. She ordered tea, which was served without a protective sleeve. When she went to pick it up and take a sip, the cup was so hot that she dropped it -- all over Arnold, who was next to her in a stroller.

Her baby suffered "serious injuries," and now the mom is suing the corporate coffee giant, claiming that "the tea should have been served on a tray and with an insulating sleeve."

I've never been served a beverage at Starbucks without one of those cardboard sleeves, and I'm wondering why this particular location failed to take this precaution, especially given the extremely high temps of its hot drinks.

And yet, I can't help but wonder why a mother would drink boiling water directly over her baby.

What do you think? Does this mom have a case or is this another frivolous lawsuit?

Image via MoonSoleil/Flickr

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