Stephen Colbert Says: "Take Our Jobs ... We Dare You"

steven colbertIn the market for a job?

You're not the only one.

Millions of Americans have been laid-off over the past year and can't find work (including moi). Out of frustration, many Americans blame immigrants (illegal and legal) for "stealing" jobs from "hard-working Americans."

So in a tongue-in-cheek campaign, Stephen Colbert is teaming up with farmers and doing something hilarious ...


Colbert has teamed up with the United Farm Workers to start a campaign called TAKE OUR JOBS.

They are tired of unemployed Americans complaining that immigrants are stealing jobs. So, farm workers are offering up a day of work in the field. Experienced field workers will train legal Americans to harvest seasonal goods in states like Florida and California.

But before you get your hands dirty, the Associated Press wants you to know "workers get enslaved, poisoned by pesticides, and die from heat stroke. The job has no health benefits, paid vacation, or even a living wage. Federal overtime provisions don't apply to farmworkers, nor do minimum-wage laws."

In a society where people complain about not getting their $100,000 bonus check, I don't think Americans could get back to their roots on which this country was born.

Personally, I'm not sure many Americans could hack it in the fields. I couldn't and wouldn't unless I was on the brink of homelessness. I would, however, go back to a service job like waitressing or retail.

Can Americans today put their money where their mouth is or are they too lazy?

Image via Colbert Nation

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