Coconut M&M'S: Where Is the Coconut?

Coconut M&MI was recently browsing the candy aisle at my local grocery store and noticing how many different varieties of M&M'S are available.

The recently released pretzel M&M'S seem very popular, and I'm a fan so I decided to try another specialty M&M flavor that I found: Coconut M&M'S!

I could hardly wait to tear open the package and sink my teeth into some sweet, chewy ... coconut?


I was surprised to learn there is no coconut in the coconut M&M'S! A quick glance at the ingredients confirmed it. I found that a little disappointing, but well, I'll get past it and tell you how they measure up in our highly scientific taste test:

Taste: The coconut flavor is subtle; it tastes like chocolate with a hint of coconut, which isn't a bad thing, but not what I expected. 

Calories: Coconut M&M'S are slightly lower in calories (210 calories) than a comparable variety like Peanut M&M'S (250 calories). You know what that means? You can eat them all and not feel bad about it.

Gotta Have It Factor: If you are craving M&M'S, these are a tasty alternative to the plain milk chocolate variety. They probably would be great to serve at a party as something a little different, but if you really want that nutty coconut flavor or texture, these just won't do it for you.

Coconut M&M'S were originally introduced as a limited-edition flavor, but they've recently been added to the permanent collection. If you haven't seen them in your local stores yet, you soon will.

Have you tried the Coconut M&M'S? Were you expecting real coconut?

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