Tortellini Salad With Fresh Mozzarella: Mom Meals

tortellini salad with fresh mozzarellaPasta salads are getting old, right? The tri-color fusilli with pesto may be delicious, but it's becoming downright pedestrian.

Additionally, it's a good idea to have a hearty cold dish on hand as you grill out, so the vegetarians feel like they're having a real meal also. Tortellini fills up any belly, vegetarian or the simply picky.


This was part of Winnie Abramson's inspiration when she created this recipe for tortellini salad with fresh mozzarella. Although she wasn't trying to please a vegetarian dinner guest, she was making it work for her 8-year-old who has a very different palate than the rest of her family.

I too have one of those picky eaters who loves anything with pasta and cheese, but abhors "salad" (aka, anything green). I know she'll chow down on this without noticing the carrots and cucumbers flying into her mouth with the cheesy goodness.

I admire Winnie, who is a guest blogger on Words to Eat By this week, as she seems so zen about feeding two different kids with two different eating habits. I'm still struggling with one picky eater and who knows what the baby will deem yummy or not once he hits that stage.

Either way, the tortellini salad with fresh mozzarella will be an easy hit in our family of four -- and hopefully with our dinner guests as well.


Image via ScottFeldstein/Flickr


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