Chipotle Wants Your Junk E-mail to Make School Lunches Healthier

Chipotle BurritoIn an effort to make school lunches healthier, Chipotle is asking for your junk e-mail.

Yep, they want every Viagra ad, life insurance promo or anything else you deem junk.

For every 100,000 e-mails the restaurant receives they will donate $10,000 to The Lunch Box, a nonprofit organization that aims to help schools improve lunches.

Just send them to


Why the connection between junk mail and healthy food? Because Chipotle prides itself on producing fast food without all of the junk. From sour cream with no RBST to using meat raised without synthetic hormones or antibiotics, they offer "food with integrity".

Chipotle is hands down my favorite fast food restaurant. I could eat there every day, and did very literally when I was pregnant with my daughter. While I don't kid myself that it's calorie or fat free, I do feel good knowing that the calories my family eats aren't full of a lot of crap.

This campaign just makes me love the chain all the more.

Are you a fan of Chipotle? What do you think of their No Junk campaign?   

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