'Top Chef' Contestant Stirs Up Trouble

top chef andrea curto-randazzo

Most reality TV stars are prohibited from talking about their respective shows by some pretty serious confidentiality agreements. But that hasn't stopped Top Chef contestant Andrea Curto-Randazzo from going rogue and revealing details about Season 7 thus far. She's even called out Padma Lakshmi!


The spitfire chef from Miami first took to YouTube a couple weeks ago to broadcast video commentary called "I'm Just Sayin'" in which she discussed her Top Chef impressions. In Vol. 1, she defended her dish from the first episode against Lakshmi's assertion that it wasn't "Miami enough." Vol. 2 included insights from last week's episode. Both videos have since been removed -- shocking.

Now, Curto-Randazzo is using Facebook as a forum to talk about her experience -- though, who knows how long it will be before she is silenced here, too. Her post today has some interesting revelations about the show's second episode, including this gem:

Angelo tried to sabotage his team and got caught talking sh*t about Kenny. I really like you Kenny!

See, I always suspected Angelo was slime ... moving along, there's also this priceless insight:

Tracey Bloom said she had a crush on Angelo. WTF???? That girl said she had a crush on me and Tamesha, too!

I'm pretty surprised Bravo is permitting this Facebook commentary to stay live. But it's so refreshing to hear feedback from the contestants. Maybe if we're lucky, she'll tell us who wins! (Ha, just kidding. What would be the fun in that?)

And in the meantime, you can get more of Andrea by following her on Twitter at @SoulSwaggerChef (at least until that's shut down, too!).

Do you think this is a ballsy move on Andrea's part? Who are you hoping wins Top Chef Season 7?


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