FDA Wants Antibiotics Out of Our Meat

fda regulates antibiotics in animalsI was thrilled to see this statement about antibiotics in animals raised for food by the FDA:

The FDA said antibiotics in meat pose a "serious public health threat" because the drugs create antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can infect humans who eat it. The agency is recommending that producers use the drugs judiciously, limiting their use unless they are medically necessary and only using them with the oversight of a veterinarian.

Finally, a movement towards some protection of our food supply. After decades of minimal regulation, I hope this and other recommendations reflect a turning of the tide for food safety in our country.


While sick animals do need to be treated with antibiotics, the practice of feeding healthy animals antibiotics to reduce feed costs and spur growth is appalling and should be banned. We shouldn't have to always worry about what's in our food, if it's going to be recalled, if it will kill us even. I'm tired of fretting over what goes into my children's mouths.

I hope these recommendations turn into regulations before the oversaturation of antibiotics in our food supply renders antibiotics useless in the event of a real crisis. Of course, some people are not happy with these unenforceable regulations.

A pork farmer in Iowa feels these recommendations are too stringent and farmers need antibiotics to keep their animals healthy. Others, like me, believe the only way to get corporate farms to adhere to these recommendations is to make them into regulations -- with serious consequences for not following the rules.

Do you think the FDA went too far, or didn't go far enough?


Image via foxypar4/Flickr

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