Care to Sip on Some Salmon-Flavored Vodka?

salmon-flavored vodkaIf people will eat Booger ice cream, then I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone would make and market smoked-salmon-flavored vodka. But I am.

The fish-flavored liquor comes from none other than the land that gave us Sarah Palin -- Alaska. Perhaps it's so cold up there that their taste buds are frozen and desensitized?

"I think there was some madness and some drunkenness involved, honestly," Toby Foster, partner in Alaska Distillery that's responsible for the creation, told the Associated Press. "I was trying to think of something Alaskan. What's more Alaskan than smoked salmon? It was one of those epiphanies, I suppose."

Epiphany is one word for it; I suppose gross might be another ...


Foster and his partner Scotti MacDonald said it took 48 attempts to get it right, and it was painful getting there.

"Definitely the first few times we had our heave bucket close by," MacDonald said. "It was pretty bad, and you know, greasy. But once we got it down and honed in on where the real secret was in making this, it was fun and games after that."

Sure, all fun and games until the salmon-vodka hangover ... of which I can't even fathom the awfulness.

Would you try salmon-flavored vodka?


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