Kristen Stewart a Talented Cook?

kristen stewart eclipseKristen Stewart usually can't speak in complete sentences or walk in a straight line. But she's proving that she can act, and apparently she knows her way around the kitchen. At a New York screening of Eclipse last night, she told MTV about all the foods she loves to cook -- and it's a pretty impressive list, if I do say so myself, (even if she had a difficult time getting it out).


Here's what Stewart bumbled when MTV asked her what she liked to cook. Notice, it's classic Kristen on the red carpet:

"I get really embarrassed when people ask me what I cook, for some reason ... I shouldn't say that I cook anymore. There was like a big BBQ situation and, like, a bunch of steaks and veggies, and I made chicken piccata. I'm so embarrassed right now. But I made homemade marinara sauce starting at, like, 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't done until 8. It was incredible. The Twilight cast showed up."

Alright, calm down, Kristen. We just want to know what you like to cook. Still, BBQ, steaks, chicken piccata, and homemade marinara sauce aren't too shabby. And, later, her co-star, Taylor Lautner, added that he had sampled a loquat pie that she made.

I like to think that cooking is a form of artistic expression; so it makes sense that someone who (arguably) excels at other artistic pursuits like acting may be a whiz behind the stove, too.

I wonder what she cooks for Rob!

Are you going to see Eclipse this week?

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