Jeremy Piven Drops Phone in Sushi Restaurant Toilet

jeremy pivenDid you watch the Season 7 premiere of HBO's Entourage? One of the show's stars, Jeremy Piven, had an embarrassing snafu over the weekend in Chicago. As the story goes, he apparently dropped his BlackBerry down the toilet at an Asian restaurant called Sunda (which is a great restaurant, by the way). Then, he asked the restaurant's employees to fish it out for him.

Doesn't that sound just like something Ari Gold would do?



I know Piven is a big star and all, but if I was a member of Sunda's staff, I would think rescuing a BlackBerry from a toilet is a little above the call of duty.

Oh, and if you're worried about the phone, rest assured: It was packed in a bag of rice to help dry it out. Phew. Because I'm so sure Piven couldn't afford a new phone ...

Was that a jerk move by Piven? What would you have done if this happened to you in a restaurant?

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