Starbucks Treat Receipt Starts Today!

starbucks treat receipt

A sure sign that summer is well underway? The return of Starbucks' Treat Receipt deal, which runs June 29 through October 2.

Do I even have to remind you what it is?


Purchase a beverage before 2 p.m.; then, hang on to your "Treat Receipt," which will get you any grande cold drink for $2 (plus tax) after 2 p.m. at participating Starbucks locations.

It's a tricky, yet tempting ploy to get us all into the corporate coffee chain not once, but twice a day.

To tell you the truth, I can't justify two visits even with the $2 deal. (My home coffeepot gets me through my 3 p.m. caffeine craving.) But now that Starbucks is planning to offer free Wi-Fi, who knows what I'm capable of?

Do you use Starbucks Treat Receipts?

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