Good-for-You Snacks That Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

chocolate covered strawberriesSugar cravings and snack attacks happen to the best of us. But if the two occur at the exact same time, it can be disastrous for our waistlines. Lucky for you we have several healthy snack ideas that won't derail your diet. And they just may satisfy that sweet tooth, too!


Dark chocolate. Chocolate has several healthful benefits, particularly varieties with 70 percent or more pure cocoa: It can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and is a potent antioxidant. Nibble on a couple squares for a quick pick-me-up, or melt an ounce to use as a sweet dipping sauce for fresh strawberries.

Frozen yogurt. It can be a healthy substitute for ice cream if it's low in fat and sugar and contains live and active cultures (which can prevent gastrointestinal infections, boost the immune system, fight cancer, and prevent osteoporosis).

Grape-and-cheese kebabs. This elegant little snack will keep you satisfied all the way through until your next meal. Thread different colored grapes (red, purple, green) onto long toothpicks or skewers alternating with bite-sized chunks of low-fat cheese.

Frozen banana dipped in peanut butter. An alternative to the classic apple slices-in-peanut butter snack, slice a ripe banana, then throw it in the freezer for 30 minutes wrapped in plastic. Dip in your favorite brand of peanut butter for a sweet, protein- and potassium-packed snack.

Homemade oatmeal cookies. Feel like baking? Whip up some oatmeal cookies made with whole wheat flour, oats, honey (instead of sugar), and applesauce (instead of oil). You can throw in some dried cranberries and walnuts for added protein and fiber.

What do you snack on when you're craving sugar?


Image via theogeo/Flickr

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