Joe Biden Calls Frozen Custard Manager a 'Smartass'

Some people are offended by Vice President Joe Biden's off-the-cuff remarks, but I find them pretty hilarious. His recent banter with a Kopp's Frozen Yogurt store manager in Greenfield, Wisconsin, is no exception. Listen closely: He calls the guy a "smartass."

Biden made the wisecrack after the manager told him his custard was complimentary -- if he would lower taxes. That must be some darn good custard!


Biden initially ignored the guy and, frankly, seemed pretty pissed off about the taxes comment; but later he simmered down and joked with the guy, saying he should "say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time." And, the manager for his part seemed to enjoy the exchange.

Biden's other funny gaffe that day? He walked into the restaurant loudly asking for "ice cream," and was then corrected that it was a "custard" shop.

I love it when our V.P. is in public!

Do you think Biden's smartass comment was offensive or humorous?

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