Adrienne Andrews Mitchell of Gastroanthropology: What's In My Fridge

Every Friday in our "What's in My Fridge" feature, we'll be chatting with a different food blogger, asking them about their favorite foods and what's in their fridge.

This week, I interviewed Adrienne Andrews Mitchell (aka the Gastroanthropologist) from Gastroanthropology. This former pastry chef turned food consultant and blogger lives in London with her boyfriend and Sammy, her chocolate lab. Find out what she wishes she had a separate fridge for, why she hardly ever freezes food, and why she has a love-hate relationship with dairy


Tell me about your blog?

My blog started when I moved to Europe. I had no friends and wasn't working at first. It was a place to share my travels and recipes with friends and family. When I finished my masters in food policy, I started incorporating some sustainability issues as well. I found a great community of food bloggers through my blog and that definitely helped with the homesickness I felt. I've also gotten a bit better at photography in the process, which is great.

What's in your fridge right now?

Jams, butter, fresh farm eggs, peanut butter, milk, veggies, rhubarb, strawberries, ricotta, flax seeds, dark rye bread, fresh herbs ... that's the usual stuff for me. This picture was taken on a Monday so no meat or fish ... I like to start the week off veggie. Unseen are four bottles of white wine, ketchup (can't live without it), and my allergy medication -- we live in the concrete jungle area of London but the pollen still gets me!   

What must you always have in your fridge and can't live without?

Real butter, unsalted, preferably from France.

What is the weirdest thing in there?

Don't think I have anything too weird. I have quite a bit of a jam collection, some bought, some made, but I do have a jar of Seabuckthorn Jam. Popular in Scandinavia and virtually unknown elsewhere ... and maybe the Finnish malt bread, again not so weird, but not so common and so tasty.

What's the most embarrassing thing in there?

The stuff in the door that wasn't photographed ... need I say more?

What's your guilty pleasure food wise?

Dairy, especially heavy cream, ice cream, and cheese. I'm not supposed to eat too much dairy. Often have rice or soy milk, but yuck. Worst thing I ever had in my fridge was soy cheese -- yup, after one bite that went right in the trash. Soy yogurt I also find quite disgusting. I tend to eat real dairy and suffer the consequences.

What do you wish was in there?

Kimchi, but that would stink up the fridge ... it is so good but really needs its own fridge. Most Koreans in the US have a second kimchi fridge, as did I, but now in London I've got one teeny fridge, and a freezer the size of a shoe box.

Where is your fave place to shop?

Farmers' markets. I love talking to people about the stuff they are selling. We shove food so easily in our mouths without knowing where it came from. We spend more time picking out a T-shirt than we do thinking about where our food comes from. If someone doesn't want to engage with you about their product, walk away.

Favorite part of the fridge?

I like to see everything, hate hidden stuff in the back, so I guess the shelves are my favorite. Tend not to use the crisper. My fridge is a bit sparse and organized, which is completely unlike anything else in my life.

Anything weird or interesting you want to tell us about your fridge?

Not that weird, but I don't really freeze anything anymore, and I used to freeze everything from berries to chopped tomatoes to cookie dough. Now that I don't really have a freezer I tend to shop at least every other day for food ... I walk to the grocery store though! I think having to carry all my own groceries keeps me from over-buying, which creates unnecessary food waste and most "food miles" come from the drive to the grocery store.

What's on the outside of your fridge?

My fridge has a wooden door so I can't stick much on there, but I do have "life's secret codes" taped on there -- it's a cut-out from an old Wired magazine ... tells me the secret things to order at In-n-Out and Starbucks ... like the ‘The Neapolitan' at In-n-Out is a three-layer milkshake and the Black Eye at Starbucks is drip plus two shots of espresso, yikes! It also has tips on how to text faster and teach my iPhone how to swear.

What are you up to now?

Furiously cleaning as my mother-in-law is coming to stay with us!

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