Jimmy Fallon Loves Hot Pockets ... and They Are Hot for Him Too

Jimmy Fallon sang an oh so inspirational ode to Hot Pockets on his Late Night Show. Makes me wonder ... is he working for them? Is he trying to make me hungry? The choir was amazing, as were the shirts they wore. Smoke filled the audience and then Jimmy appears singing Hooooooooooot Pockets! Zero trans fat per hoooooooooot pocket! Weeeeeee loooooove Hot Pockets! Hot Pockets! Got to hand it to Jimmy -- he's an awesome comedic dancer.

Well now Hot Pockets showed their love for Jimmy in a YouTube video.


Sing it, gospel style! We love you Jimmy Fallon, yes we do! Even Mr. Hot Pocket gets in on the act, though he isn't the best singer. But then again, what we expect from something we eat.

Which video do you like the best?

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