Obama & Medvedev Eat Burgers, Split the Fries

obamaPresident Obama took Russian President Dmitry Medvedev out for a bite at Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington. A favorite spot of Obama's -- Ray's is where he and VP Joe Biden dined last year.

Medvedev is in town to meet with Obama privately before the two of them head to Canada for the G20 Nations meeting.

What did they order? And who paid?


We did. Well, Obama did. And in case you were wondering, yes, both men went into the burger joint and even ate there. Yep, right there amongst the common folk.

If I was there, enjoying a cheddar cheeseburger (which is what Obama ate, washed down with an iced tea), I would ask if I could snag a fry.

Medvedev did. Well, the two leaders actually shared an order of fries. Too much trans fat perhaps? The Russian leader added jalapenos, onions, and mushrooms to his cheddar cheeseburger. And drank a Coke. Wow, way to overload my favorite meal, Dmitry. Jalapenos? Really?

Still, I love the easy going feel of two leaders going out to eat at a local fast food place.

If you could have a meal with Obama, where would you go?


Image via SEIU International/Flickr

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