School Lunches Stump 'Top Chef' Contestants

top chef school lunchTop Chef D.C. went to school last night with the challenge of creating a nutritious school lunch main course, starch, veggie, and dessert for only $2.60 per kid. Which is actually more than many schools have in their budget. Scary, right?

I'm wondering how many Salisbury steaks Judge Tom Colicchio grew up with since we learned that his mother ran a school lunch program -- and whether that inspired him to do one better.

I love this challenge because we all need to be paying more attention to school lunches, and Top Chef will certainly bring about that much-needed awareness.



However, I suppose it's not surprising that so many public schools get it wrong with school lunches if "top chefs" can't figure out that sugar, peanut butter, and sherry are not the best ingredients for a school lunch.

(While cooking with sherry at home is a-okay with me, there's no way I would do it for a crowd of kids -- and no school would either.)

Still, the kids who got to enjoy the fruits of the chefs' labor chowed down on delicious whole wheat mac and cheese courtesy of Andrea's team and the winning pork tacos with whole wheat tortillas by Kelly. That did look amazing -- and nutritious.

Who went home? A major sugar offender, Jacqueline of the banana pudding so sweet it would hype the tweens up through summer break.


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