Rainbow Bacon Brightens Up Your Breakfast

rainbow baconIt's no secret that we love our rainbow food here on The Stir (as seen here and here), but the next new colorful phenomenon to hit our plates: rainbow bacon.

It appears that not only can bacon make everything taste better, but it can also make everything look better.


BaconToday.com reports Neil Caldwell has come up with a way to dye bacon in various vibrant colors, retaining their hues even after cooking. Here's a before and after shot:

colored bacon

Neil is keeping mum about it for now (no fun!), though I hope his secret recipe preserves the yummy taste as much as the color -- I'm pretty sure it calls for large, unhealthy amounts of food dye. 

Do you think this looks tasty or gross? Would you try colored bacon?


Image via BaconToday.com

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