Lion Burger, Anyone?

Lion BurgerIn honor of the World Cup being hosted in Africa, an Arizona eatery is serving up lion. Yep, lion burgers -- made of real lion meat -- are on the menu at Il Vinaio in Mesa, Arizona.

Complete with fries and corn on the cob, the 1/3-pound burgers cost $21.

Can you hear the activists' roar?


It's loud and angry (a bomb threat was even made to the restaurant) as lions are a "threatened" species.

"Frankly, I'm a little shocked with all the problems in the world today, with the oil spill and immigration, that people have this much time to talk about 10 pounds of lion meat," restaurant owner Cameron Selogie told the Chicago Tribune.

There's a murky controversy over just where the meat came from and the supplier from Chicago who has been in legal trouble previously.  

Regardless, I think I'd rather try Friendly's Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt or some Booger ice cream before I'd take a bite of a lion burger.

Eating the king of the jungle just doesn't seem right.

What about you, would you try a lion burger?


Image via Daily Mail

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