Peanuts May Be Banned on Airlines: Do You Care?

peanutsDue to the large number of peanut allergies, the U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed banning peanuts on airplanes.

The public is asked to weigh in with their opinion, and there are apparently a lot strong opinions on the subject.

Do people really love their peanuts that much that this should even be a debate? Most airlines don't even offer a snack anymore, but if they do, wouldn't some crackers or an apple do just as well?


Is there something about peanuts that people just can't let go of?

Most people weighing in against the ban point to unproven science, the terms around what qualifies as a "disability," and the fact that if we start with peanuts, where will bans go from there?

And while it's true we can't ban every allergen, peanuts are a pretty easy one to tackle.

I like peanuts, a lot. But if my not eating them can keep someone from having a severe or deadly allergic reaction, then you know what, I can handle a few hours in the air without them.

What about you, would you desperately miss peanuts on airplanes?

Image via SearchNetMedia/Flickr

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