The Grossest Ice Cream Flavor EVER

ice creamMy stomach is churning just typing the name of the grossest ice cream flavor I've ever heard of: Booger.

There really should be some kind of indecency law about defiling the goodness of ice cream in such a manner.

Fortunately, you won't find it in your grocer's freezer; it's only available at one shop in Delaware ... for now. The shop's owner, Chip Hearn, said he was inspired by a booger-flavored jelly bean.

Great, the gross inspiring grosser.


"Let's make 'Booger' and let's make it great just to mess with everyone," Hearn said in an Associated Press story.

It consists of "green-colored cake batter ice cream swirled with green-hued caramel and Lucky Charms marshmallow bits." And while that doesn't sound bad, it apparently conjures up images of the real thing.

No matter how much I love those little Lucky Charms marshmallows, I don't think I could even attempt to try it.

Reaction from customers has been nothing to sneeze at though. "Booger" came in second place during a recent taste test among the store's customers. 

Comments ranged from "Tastes better than the real thing" to "Disgusting look with great taste."

What about you, would you try Booger ice cream?

Image via sillygwailo/Flickr

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