10 Sweeteners You Should Know

Sugar BowlIf you're a health-conscious parent who checks the ingredient lists on packaged food, you already know to look for sugar. You can tell how much sugar is in a food by how far up it's listed in the ingredients. And you're familiar with other sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, and honey. But do you know what maltose is?

There are lots of sweeteners lurking in our food under, shall we say, assumed identities that come straight out of a science lab. Here's a few you might want to learn.


Cerelose® -- A corn-based sweetener.

Clintose® -- Also a corn-based sweetener.

Dextrose/Staleydex® -- Can come from plants, fruit, honey.

Fructose -- The sweetest of all natural sweeteners; can come from plants, fruit, honey.

Lactose -- Milk sugar.

Maltose/Maltodextrin -- Powder form derived from various starches; only moderately sweet.

Rice syrup -- How 'bout that, you can make sugar from rice.

Sucrose -- Also known as table sugar.

Which sweeteners do you try to avoid or limit?

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