Squeeze Your Own Fruity Drinks: Sparkling Apple Juice

I'm super guilty of not drinking enough during the day. And when it reaches 85 to 90 degrees in NYC ... I get sucked dry by the end of the day. 

I work from home so I skip the AC (I hate it anyway) and opt for a fan to save electricity and dough.

So, staying hydrated is super important for my health and keeping me on track with work.

I'm not really a water gal or coffee gal so I've been chugging iced tea lately ... the homemade sun tea kind, not that powdery gross stuff.

But I've been thinking of other drinks that are good for me and taste great.

I spotted this Waring Pro Juice Extractor ($59.99) from Target and my mind started racing with yummy drink ideas ...

Watermelon mint, mango lime, peach pineapple, blueberry kiwi ... and my personal fave sparkling apple juice

See how to make it ...


Sparkling Apple Juice

  • 4-5 organic apples (granny smith for tart and golden delicious for sweet -- or mix)
  • Club soda

Juice the apples according to the juicer instructions.

Fill your glass half full with apple juice and top the remaining way with club soda for a little spritz. So refreshing.

Juicers are also great for kids because you can monitor the amount of sugar that goes in, you can toss in hidden veggies, and your tots will love making their own ... with help from mom and dad, of course.

Have you ever made homemade juice? What's your favorite juice to make?

Images (top to bottom): Target.com; Peter TT/Flickr

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