Free Limeade Sparkler at Taco Bell

taco bell free limeade sparklerI'm committed to eating healthy, non-fast food but sometimes the urge comes over me and I just have to run for that border.

Taco Bell is quite the temptress, because they're offering a free limeade sparkler from now until July 11 with this printable coupon. And you just know you're going to have to get a gordita since you're already there.

You can get a free classic limeade sparkler, or cherry limeade sparkler -- no other purchase necessary. That sounds downright ... healthy ... right?


I actually craved Taco Bell like no other during pregnancy and the bean burrito with no onions was my best friend whenever I felt queasy. Which was every day for six months. So when I break my fast food fast, it's always Taco Bell.

Enjoy the free limeade!


Image via Taco Bell


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