Fish and Chips Ice Cream: Is Fish-Flavored Anything a Good Idea?

fish and chips ice creamIn yesterday's review of the new Pretzel M&M'S, I purported to crave any food that combined sweet and savory flavors. But I may have to eat my words now that I've come across one of the worst-sounding dessert combos of all time: Fish and Chips Ice Cream, which is produced in -- where else? -- the U.K.

Please, god, don't make this dessert trendy here.


Is it xenophobic to poke fun at another country's favorite food?

No disrespect to the Brits, but this dessert, which pays homage to their national dish, sounds truly disgusting: It's cod-flavored ice cream with vanilla and pepper batter accompanied by ice cream chips made with real potatoes(!) and served with salt and vinegar seasoning and lemon wedges. Now I'm used to weird ice cream flavors, but this one takes the cake.

Whatever would possess Fredericks Dairies (the company behind the product) to produce such an odd flavor? According to market research, vanilla is the preferred flavor of 9 out of 10 Brits. Therefore, the company created the flavor to raise awareness that there are other flavor choices available. (What? Was strawberry too boring?)

I sincerely hope Fish and Chips Ice Cream does not catch on.

What's the weirdest flavor of ice cream you've ever tried?


Image via Fredericks Dairies

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