Sandra Lee, Andrew Cuomo's Mom Clash Over ... Lasagna?

andrew cuomo and sandra lee
Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee is a personal favorite of mine, but she's always getting picked on in the media for taking shortcuts in her "semi-homemade cooking" and being, well, a lush. The latest controversy involving the Food Network personality -- who also happens to be dating the New York Democratic gubernatorial contender Andrew Cuomo -- is over ... wait for it ... lasagna.

Lee's signature recipe for lasagna, which happens to be Cuomo's favorite food, calls for cottage cheese and canned tomato soup (see what I mean about the shortcuts?). And when Cuomo's mom, Matilda, was asked about it in a recent interview, she was blunt, saying: "That's not the way you make a lasagna."

Yipes! (But she's right, of course.)


Later, in a radio interview, Andrew Cuomo -- ever the politician -- was hesitant to take sides, saying good-naturedly:

"Since the campaign started for me ... this is the toughest issue I’ve had to deal with. Lasagna is like politics, everybody gets an opinion ... Sandy’s cooking is very good cooking ... My mother’s cooking is very good cooking. As an independent Democrat, I eat everybody’s lasagna. I eat conservative's lasagna. I eat liberal lasagna."

And when pressed about Lee's use of cottage cheese, the Attorney General suggested that it was a creative substitution given that ricotta was scarce in Wisconsin where she grew up.

I've got to say, I took a little offense to his comment: Being from the Midwest is not an excuse to cook food that is crappy and the opposite of authentic. And, as a fellow Italian-American, I am more appalled at the use of canned tomato soup than I am at the cottage cheese. Canned sauce? Maaaaybe. But soup? There's no excuse for that.

Still, it's a hilarious story. And I love you Sandra!

What do you think? What is the "correct" way to make a lasagna?


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