New Pretzel M&M'S: Do They Really Taste Like Morsels of Heaven?

pretzel m&msNew Pretzel M&M'S are, dare I say it, a brilliant invention. Not only do they capitalize on one of the most perfect flavor combinations of all time -- chocolate and pretzels -- but they're also lower in calories than some of the other M&M'S varieties. You know what that means? You can indulge in a package once in a while and not feel guilty.

Here's how the Pretzel M&M'S stood up in our highly scientific taste test:


Taste: I'm a sucker for any savory-sweet pairing, and the salty pretzels and sweet candy shell combination definitely delivers. My only complaint? I'm not a huge fan of milk chocolate and can't stop having fantasies about how this candy would taste with dark chocolate instead.

Mouth-feel: The Pretzel M&M'S offer a really satisfying double-crunch experience -- first, through the chocolate shell; second through the pretzel. Two thumbs up!

Heft: Pretzel M&M'S are both lighter in weight and lower in calories (150 calories) than a comparable variety like Peanut M&M'S (250 calories). I wager that you can eat a bag of these pretzel morsels and not feel full -- which makes them ideal for snacking.

Overall Satisfaction: If you crave chocolate-covered pretzels, this is an inexpensive way to get your fix. Great as a once-in-a-while snack and a low-cal dessert, and (I think) ideal over ice cream or frozen yogurt.

*I found Pretzel M&M'S at Walgreens (but I had to ask for them; they were behind the counter?). I've also heard that Wal-Mart and Krogers are stocking them.

Did you try the new Pretzel M&M'S? Where did you find them?


Image via M&M'S

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