Celebrate the World Cup With Flag Foods

USA Flag TartYou may not be into the whole face-painting, flag-wearing patriotism to show support for your country of choice playing in the World Cup. And that's okay, because there are some other ways you can show your pride that I'm pretty sure you and anyone in your household will enjoy just as much (if not more).

Just turn your food into the nation's flag!




If you're going for the USA, you can make a tart-version flag, such as the one above, by covering it in berries and whipped cream to create the stars and stripes design of Old Glory. The two below are a Dominican Republic-flavored cake and an "Italian" pizza. 

Dominican Republic flag food

Italy flag food

If you're needing inspiration, they recently had a competition at the International Food Festival in Sydney for the best food flag created out of the foods that country is famous for: olives and cheese for Greece; limes, passion fruit, and grapes for Brazil; etc.

Have you ever made flag food? Which flag did you create and what food did you make it out of?

Images (top to bottom): cvconnell/Flickr, Space Ritual/Flickr, yosoynuts/Flickr

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