Subway Cheese Experiencing Big Changes

subway changes cheesePrepare yourselves for the second big leak of the week (iPad users have got nothing on this one): Subway is changing the way they place cheese on their sandwiches, and the memo is all over the Internet.

Also, I learned a new word today -- tessellate. As in, Subway cheese will now be tessellated.

I can't stop laughing at the Gawker piece that gives serious exploration into the change and shows a copy of the leaked memo. The memo includes a visual of how to tessellate cheese, so you can prepare yourself when this change goes into effect on July 1. We don't want anyone dropping their meatball sub in shock, after all.


I assumed, like other Gawker commenters, that this change would mean you get less cheese on your 6" sub. However, it appears that your cheese will now be evenly distributed across your sandwich. Same amount, different formation.

How long do you think Subway execs were in a room trying to figure out this one?

Image via Subway

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