5 Reasons to Drink Wine in a Single-Serve Plastic Glass

picnic with wineA new "cup of wine" concept across the pond is a surprisingly down-market invention, but that hasn't stopped it from flying off the shelves. The product is a single-serve plastic glass of French wine with a tear-off lid -- saving wine drinkers the hassle of (gasp!) carting around an entire bottle of wine.

You stay classy, England!


To see an image of the cup of wine, click the link.

Elitist joking aside, customers are really excited about the individual glasses of Le Froglet (which come in Shiraz, Rose, and Chardonnay varieties and cost around $2.75 for a little more than 6 fluid ounces of wine). In fact, British retailer Marks & Spencer claims it can't keep up with the demand. Reviews of the quality of the wine have been less than stellar, but everyone knows taste takes a backseat to convenience these days. Here are five instances in which wine in a single-serve plastic glass may come in handy:

1. You don't want to drink a whole bottle of wine. You know those nights: You're craving red wine to go with dinner, but you don't want to waste opening a bottle for just one glass. I have one of those inexpensive wine bottle vacuum sealers ($12.95 at Amazon.com) for just this purpose, but how much more fun is it to rip off the foil on your plastic wine glass and guzzle it down?

2. You hate carrying around a corkscrew. Pretend we live in a world without screw-top wine bottles. Given how difficult it is to lug around a corkscrew, it's a mystery why it took them so long to invent these glasses.

3. On a picnic in the park. No longer will you have to endure a heavy picnic basket once you swap these plastic glasses for a whole bottle of wine. (Now, if only they would do something about those pesky laws prohibiting alcohol consumption in a public park.)

4. You're too cheap to buy your own plastic glasses. If you drink six of these single-serve wine portions, you'll have a whole set!

5. On the train on your way home from work. I always see people on the train relaxing after a long day of work with one of those 40-ounce beer cans; now wine-drinkers can join in on the fun, too!

Do you think cups of wine will catch on here?


Image via dia_the_huntress/Flickr

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