5 Reasons Iced Tea Is the Best Summer Drink

Ahhhhhh. Kicking back on a hot day and sipping a tall glass of perfectly sweetened iced tea has got to be one of summer's perfect pleasures.

We all know how refreshing iced tea can be, but the drink does so much more for your body than quench your thirst.

Here are 5 benefits of drinking iced tea:


Drinking tea provides your body with nutrients that have been found to help boost the body’s defenses against serious illness. Research has found that tea can help prevent a whole range of diseases, including diabetes and cancer of the stomach, prostate, and lungs. It can also help reduce cholesterol levels.

Iced tea can boost immunity because it's packed with antioxidant polyphenols, which destroy harmful free radicals and boost your body’s resistance to infection.

Tea is an excellent alternative to coffee. If you can't function without caffeine but are trying to cut back on that third cup of coffee, black or Earl Grey teas are delicious when they're iced and still give you that little kick you might need.

Iced tea is good for your complexion because antioxidants can help promote healthy skin by neutralizing external forces such as damage from the sun, pollution, wind, and temperature -- some of the things you love about being outside in the summer!

Drinking herbal teas can help you relax. The mild chamomile tea can help soothe the nerves and relax the muscles, so it's a perfect dinnertime drink. (I like mine with just a splash of lemonade.)

What is your method for brewing the perfect iced tea?

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