Starbucks to Offer Free WiFi July 1

starbucks free wifi announcement

Starbucks announced today via Twitter that it will offer free WiFi -- and "1 click" nonetheless! -- at all US locations beginining July 1.

Oh, Starbucks, you're so transparent. It's so obvious why you are doing this ...


This perk is, no doubt, the latest in a series of marketing ploys aimed to keep Starbucks competitive with local coffee shops and the increasingly popular McDonald's McCafe. Other gimmicks have included customized frappuccinos (to compete with McDonald's superior frappe); a half-priced frappuccino deal earlier this spring; and, of course, the after 2 p.m. Treat Receipt deal, which gets you any grande cold beverage for $2 with a morning receipt.

I've always been thoroughly annoyed that it's so hard/expensive to use the Internet at Starbucks. Paying customers need a coffee card, there's a registration process -- it's just not worth it. As someone who works from home and is always on the hunt for free WiFi, I think this announcement is great news. And I plan to partake in the perk, provided my local coffee shop is closed.

How about you? What do you think of Starbucks offering free WiFi?

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