Sweet Hello Kitty-Themed Birthday

hello kitty cupcakesHello Kitty, the little white red-bowed cat, has been a childhood favorite since the mid-'80s (though I was more of a fan of Keroppi the frog). When Emily, daughter to blogger Lorraine at ikat bag, wanted a Hello Kitty birthday party, the creative mom got to work putting together decorations and activities themed with the popular feline.


hello kitty cookiesInstead of a regular birthday cake, she created a tower of chocolate Hello Kitty cupcakes, as well as Hello Kitty-shaped cookies.

One of the many ways she kept the girls entertained was letting them make dresses for their own cute kitties. They picked a dress to decorate from ones hanging on cardboard hangers and went to work gluing gems, buttons, fabric, and other items (the cardboard kept glue and ink from soaking through to the other side of the dress).

doll dresseskids making dreses















While they waited for their clothes to dry, they moved on to game time, which of course, was HK-themed.

First up was Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty, made from the side of a cardboard box. Emily colored the bows, but because she couldn't decide between red and pink, they had two of them.

Then, they played a classical game of musical chairs, but with a twist -- musical paws! They made the paws out of cardboard (what in the world would we do without cardboard?), and Emily colored them in.

Pin-the-Bow on Hello Kitty

musical chairsAfter running around in circles, the girls took turns whacking at a homemade Hello Kitty pinata. While the girls were slugging, 10 Hello Kitty dolls were hidden in the backyard. After the pinata was broken and all the candy was scooped up, they were sent on a scavenger hunt to find their doll.

kids at a birthday partyhello kitty dollsBy the end of the party, all 10 softies had been claimed and dressed, and were sent home with their new owners.

As fun as the party was, Lorraine says that she enjoyed the preparation even more. "I got to sew, play with cardboard, use my piping nozzles, and bake. I love that Emily got to be so involved in every part of it, so that she really felt like it was her party, not just something her parents organized for her (although that might have been easier and less messy). She learned new skills -- like piping with a piping bag and nozzle and working with papier mache."

What a great party! It makes me want to go dig out my old Sanrio dolls.

Have you ever thrown a Hello Kitty party for your kids? Were you a Hello Kitty fan (or other Sanrio character) as a child?

Images via ikat bag

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