Mustache Cupcakes, Grilled Jalapeno Poppers -- Father's Day Recipe Round-up

mustache chocolate cupcakes
Photo from Sprinkle Bakes
The best gift for Dad on Father's Day? Surprise him with one -- or more! -- of these tasty treats.

  • Does Dad sport facial hair or prefer a clean shave? Either way, Mustache-Topped Chocolate Cupcakes are definitely one of a kind. -- Sprinkle Bakes
  • An alternative to the 'stache?  Lawnmower Coconut Cupcakes are Dad-appropriate and scrumptious, too. -- Kiss My Spatula
  • Homemade Beef Jerky is like a satisfying steak dinner that Dad can put in his pocket and save for snacking on later. -- Soupbelly
  • If Dad can handle the heat then spicy Grilled Jalapeno Poppers -- stuffed with chorizo, cheesy, and cilantro -- may be just the thing for him! -- Hungry Cravings
  • Sever Dad the manly Breakfast Pan "cake" -- bacon, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and strawberries layered between pancakes -- and he won't have to eat the rest of the day. -- Savory Sweet Life

What are you making for Dad on Father's Day?

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